Veronika Stepankova, Dr.

Chief Executive Officer

Veronika has the drive to turn science into business. As a skilled protein engineer, she felt that the know-how of Enantis could flourish in new areas of research. After three years under her management, Enantis blossomed into one of the most promising biotech companies in the region. At present, the company participates in three H2020 projects and has a clear vision for changing the way in which stem cells are cultivated and chronic wounds treated.

Zbynek Prokop, Prof.

Chief Technology Officer

Zbynek is committed to academia. He enjoys helping students become professional scientists and he continues to push the boundaries of our collective knowledge. As one of the two founders of Enantis, Zbynek serves as a bridge between the company and academia.

Zdenek Rucka, Dr.

Sales & Marketing Manager

Zdenek chose management over molecular biology. After 4 years of accelerating new businesses at JIC (South Moravian Innovation Centre) he returned shortly to academia. Where he discovered he missed the lively atmosphere of startup life and decided to join the most promising biotech startup around.

Radka Chaloupkova, Dr.

Chief Science Officer

Radka is a talented and enthusiastic structural biologist who found her calling at Enantis. She traded her very promising scientific career at Masaryk University for the opportunity to oversee scientific progress in a place where protein engineering science becomes industrial innovations.

Our Team